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Demiurge Studios (previously responsible for doing the ME1 PC port).
Ah, that would explain it. If memory serves that not a proper game studio. Any by "not proper" I mean they don't develop games so much as do sub-contract type work on other studio's games. Actually, didn't I see their name amidst the 20 or so other logos in front of the recent gaming train-wreck otherwise known as 'Aliens:Colonial Marines'?

Not that I'm blaming them or anything, but outside of the ME1 PC port, has anyone heard of them doing *anything* good on their own? I think I've seen their logo amidst a bunch of low-end games that came with the THQ bundle I got in a Steam a few years back. 'Titan's Quest' I think? It wasn't awful as I recall, but it wasn't exactly good either. Pretty sure I uninstalled it after just a few days.

Then again, the ME3 DLC could be considered "farmed out" as well, as it (along with "Arrival" for ME2) was developed by the Montreal studio instead of the "core" Bioware studio in Edmonton.
I wouldn't really class that as farming out since it's still technically Bioware. Plus it looks like they were working more or less in parallel while the main game was being developed, so there had to be a fair amount of back-and-forth.
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