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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

I don't think there will be a new TV series until a new Trek movie bombs. They are going to get around to doing a TNG reboot at Paramount eventually - if they screw it up maybe it'll turn into a TV show (cos they will have just built all the sets!)

Best movie still Wrath of Khan for me

Yeah the one with:

Parasites going in and out of ears whilst poor guys suffer in excruciating pain and we get a closeup! Starships shooting the shit out of each other. Engineering crews running for their lives whilst some are burnt or dying, one of which we see in gruesome detail (Peter Preston!). Bodies hanging on ropes above pools of their own blood because they where tortured to death and had their throats cut. Kirk trying to prevent himself being stabbed by his own son, people being vapourised by phaser blasts and committing suicide because they are going insane. Khan horribly burnt and disfigured whilst he struggles to blow himself up and Spock dying slowly infront of our eyes from radiation poisoning.... yeah that one! Doesn't sound very Star Trek does it and yet its the best of Star Trek
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