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Re: Best and Worst Superhero Bases.

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Don't most of them work out of their homes?
I dunno, depends. Superman has the Fortress of Solitude, for example. And even for those who are out of their homes those are still Bases of Operation they work out of.
The Fortress is more of man cave than a headquarters. He goes there to unwind and store his trophies. He probably spends more time at the Planet or his apartment in Metropolis.

Some HQs were ripoffs of Batman, like the Arrow Cave and the Aquacave. Guys like Flash and the Atom worked out of the lab their civilian ID's were employed at. Hawkman was based out of the museum were he worked as Carter Hall.( though he had a spaceship, too) Black Canary used her Flower Shop as a base of operations. (Green Arrow did to for a while).

Over at Marvel, Captain America lived at Avenger's Mansion. but later had an apartment in Brooklyn as Steve Rogers. For Iron Man, any Stark Enterprise facility is his. Spider-Man worked out of his room at Aunt May's and later his own apartment. Bruce Banner had a hidden lab for a while, that he used to fine a cure and imprison the Hulk, but mostly the Hulk was homeless.
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