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Re: Kirk's Television Enterprise Deck Plans WIP

Engineering Deck 13 (Version 3.02 / 130322)

In this latest revision I first fixed some errors of the previous draft.

Of course, considering the depth of Charlie Evans’ detention cell (“Charlie X”), it has to be at 10 o’clock near the inner main corridor. The space needed for this cell’s WC has now been made available by the corridor used by Scotty and his engineers to get to the service crawlway in “That Which Survives” (just adjacent is the tri-ladder used in “In A Mirror, Darkly”). Opposite to Charlie’s cell are the rooms for “computer statistics” (door sign).

Consequently there is no cabin on the starboard side; it’s the “science library” where Dr. van Gelder knocked down the security crewman in “Dagger of the Mind” (why shouldn’t the science library have a big panoramic exterior window?).

The correct designation for the “security section” is “detention section” (Chekov in “And the Children Shall Lead”). With this revision I seized the opportunity to illustrate a couple of conjectural cells. The “briefing room” direction arrow sign from “Dagger of the Mind” now leads somewhere...

I should have realized earlier that E-Deck 13 is the optimal candidate for a briefing room location, as the angle of the studio set walls nicely matches the angle of the outside hull (i.e. if one doesn’t want to limit the existence of the briefing and recreation rooms to the saucer hull). I also think it makes a lot of sense to have the ship’s court room in this area, rather than to parade detainees through the ship (normally the room and its flat screen would serve for briefings of landing parties similar to what we’ve seen in “The Cage”).

In this particular case, however, the draft reveals the dilemma: If the left / bow side of the court room were just aligned with the main-sensor deflector complex wall it would match the angle of the back of Janice Rand’s cabin on E-Deck 12, however, the exterior skeleton support struts would no longer be uniform and credible. There has to be a compromise and I feel in the final CAD version these rooms (rec room for security personnel is on port side) should be rectangular, so what you see here is most definitely WIP.

While there are several individual detention cells (“detention section”), there should be a larger one at 9 o’clock for several people (e.g. Khan’s supermen) between the larger rooms.

Astern we have a new arrangement of the TOS corridors leading to the hangar deck (to those that feel the flight deck should be the actual hangar deck, I’d reply this just the lower level…). The central corridor was established in two TOS episodes. The tricky part was to accommodate the corridors from “The Doomsday-Machine” and “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”.

Both scenes share the “HANGAR DECK SHUTTLECRAFT” sign which tells me that these corridors do not lead straight to the main entry of the hangar deck but to the shuttlecraft storages.

On the starboard side we see the corridor used by Commodore Decker. Now, these frames left and right of the door (first seen in the conference room from “Where No Man Has Gone Before”) are rather unique. Obviously they have something to do with the door and despite heavy late 20th Century allusions to anti-theft detectors I do think the producers (far ahead of their own time) had something like radiation detectors in mind.
I think the narrow corridor on the starboard side next to the shuttlecraft has decontamination mechanisms for personnel working on the shuttlecraft in environmental (radiation protective) suits. After decon these radiation detectors will tell them if they are clean or need to repeat the decon procedure.

On the port side we have the corridor where Kirk and Spock received Lokai. I’d like to think this particular corridor can also serve as an airlock in case the hangar deck is depressurized but you need to get in there anyway (this could also explain the strange door frame of this particular turbo lift).
The turbo lift essentially is the same as the one used by McCoy and Spock in “The Immunity Syndrome”. The door barely seen on the right hand side leads to the access corridor the security crewmen used to get here. Right outside there’ll be a locker with several EVA space suits.

There is storage space for four shuttlecraft which is compatible with Lt. Galloway’s report in “The Omega Glory” that all “four” shuttlecraft were still in place (if we assume USS Exeter to share the same internal arrangement).

Behind the yellow door in the central corridor to the hangar deck seen in “The Immunity Syndrome” I put a ladder that leads up to the (lower) hangar deck control room, especially to operate what I believe to be a crane of some sort to lift the shuttlecraft onto the circular pad (or up for repair and maintenance from below).
For this project I’d like to recycle as much as possible studio props from other TOS locations for onboard use aboard the Enterprise (as Matt Jefferies would have probably done it). Regarding the hangar deck control room window I am confident it would have looked like this window in the background.

This concludes my drafts for the engineering hull for now. Stay tuned!

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