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Re: What ethnicity are you?

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But I don't see why. A person's ethnicity is absolutely no barometer of a person's aptitude for any job. It's like when they ask permission to check your credit rating. The reality, as you say, is that there are a million reasons a person might have a poor credit score, non of which have anything to do with an applicant's ability to work.
Well, if you're talking about specifically job applications then I agree.

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^Please don't take this as a personal attack, because you know I love ya, but the thing is, while it probably should be irrelevant, for anyone who's not white, it's not (I'm being Western-Centric right now, obviously). I hate to toss up words like privilege, but the experience of being White in America (and Canada and Western Europe, as far as I know) is markedly different from being Not White. Racial demographics are actually important in understanding things like social, educational, and financial inequity, violence, disease rates, morbidity, drug use, etc.

I admire the philosophy behind opting for "human" or "irrelevant" or whatever, but philosophy and reality aren't the same thing, and I think that entering incomplete data is just doing a disservice to those who don't have the luxury of considering their ethnicity irrelevant.
Glad someone wrote this

As a black American, I can tell you that all that "human" and "irrelevant" stuff is nonsense out in the real world. In fact the only folks that have the luxury of saying such things are white (or could pass as such). The rest of us know better.

I even consider the label "mixed" not particularly useful because in the real world it does not mean much. I mean honestly who isn't mixed?
I was with you till the end. Saying we're all mixed is as meaningless as saying we're all human. Sure, if you go back far enough, we're all mixed, and sure, ideally we should all recognize that, but being mixed race has its own meaning and issues in the real world -- I'm kind of baffled by anyone who can't see that!

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