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Wasn't the 'Pinnacle Station' DLC farmed out to some other other studio on the cheap? I recall something to that effect being mentioned somewhere as an explanation of the overall poor quality. Still, it does seem strange that even now they're charging for it. You'd think they'd make it free or just roll it into the main game...on the other hand perhaps the main game is better off without it.

Never played it myself, but I watched an LP on the youtubes and it looked like a colossal wast of time. I know the apartment does hove some useful features (grenade restock IIRC?) and while it might be *nice*...I just can't see myself grinding through those horrible VR missions just for that.

Yeah, anyway just finished my infiltrator playthrough. I honestly thought I would just get as far as London and just stop it there...but somehow Citadel managed to make me want to take it all the way to the end. Part of me has the foolish hope that the "legend" save file will actually be worth having in a few years...

P.S. Anyone ever had trouble with DLC content disappearing? Took me a while to notice, but on a new game I started for my insanity playthrough, the N7 Defender armour and the Valkyrie just aren't there. It may have something to do with an "online pass" issue I--and others I've seen on BSN--encountered around the same time I imported the save, back when Reckoning was released. Took THREE separate contacts with EA's live chat tech to get it sorted. Once to fix the issue and twice more to fix the problems the first fix caused (the second guy was no help at all!)

I hope that's it since the armour is still there on my older saves and I hope if I start *another* new game it should be back.
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