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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

Season 6

6x1-Redemption pt.1: So this issue starts by me realizing that Daniel is dead and that was the plan? Not a gimmick, Shanks wanted out as it seems Jonas Quinn is meant to be his replacement. Quinn has been holed up the past 3 months since Daniel's death and his own exile studying up on all of Jackson's work making him a defacto expert on nearly all that Daniel was.
Meanwhile Master Bra'tec arrives with tragic news for Teal'C regarding his wife, she's dying. Teal'C and Bra'tec depart. Not long after they do Aphophis begins an attack on the SGC with a new weapon meant to supercharge the Naqua'dah and blow up the Gate. The fallout would poison the Earth and be catastrophic.
Also, the Air Force has built an all new prototype based on Gou'ad glider designs. In tow as well are the Russians with General Chekov showing up to voice displeasure on how the mutual agreement about SGC activities hasn't been going as he sees it.
Teal'C's son blames him for what has happened to his mother and seeks combat with his father. This is interrupted by Bra'tec, they've also gotten a visitor Jaffa that has found out about the Apophis attack on Earth and come to tell Bra'tac. Just so happens Teal'c is there.
Apophis shows up in a holographic projection all cloaked and pronounces the DOOM that is coming. I wonder why he was cloaked? Could they not get the actor?

6x2-Redemption pt.2: With Earth in deep threat mode Sam's ole intellectual combatant in Dr.McKay as come into the SGC to see if he can help. I don't know why, his first choice always seems to be one of least risk, not best chance. Teal'C, Bra'tec and Ry'ac along with some others attempt to find Apophis' base of operations and stop it. Teal'C does not want Ry'ac to go but is persuaded to allow him.
Back at the SGC the energy build up of the Stargate continues. It's deemed an EMP pulse back through the gate might work, doing so only speeds up the rate at which the energy coming in will build. They have to open the iris for this and the iris is what's been slowing the build up. This is Dr.McKay's idea and it of course fails, but in doing so knocks Sam out when an overload occurs.
It's then decided that in the new Air Force designed Glider they will fly the Gate out of Earth's atmosphere with O'Neill piloting.
Thing so badly for Teal'C and Bra'tec as they are captured. However, Ry'ac was left behind due to being injured in the initial surge. He's not critical and his symbiote will heal him.
A risky move has O'Neill open up a brief wormhole to eject the Gate into in order to save the Earth. If he hadn't it would've exploded as while Teal'C, Bra'tec and Ry'ac did manage to blow up Apophis' device it wouldn't have been in time.
We essentially buy the 2nd Stargate off the Russians while also giving the plans to future Earth adapted Glider jets. They also want to place a Russian member or team into the SGC program, specifically SG-1. O'Neill objects telling Hammond he has his new man....Jonas Quinn.

Ok so lets see where this goes. I can tell that Quinn is the new defacto Daniel but it'll be weird seeing him get the same questions they would've asked Daniel. Daniel spent his life becoming an expert on what he knew. I just don't buy how in 3 months of isolated study Quinn is now a defacto expert but I'm going with it. No judgement yet on his character. Although I do know at some point Shanks comes back. I've seen the box art on other DVD sets. I'm not going to look into it, cause I may spoil something. I'll just ride it out with Quinn till then.

A good season opener though I thought. Also Dexter Season 7 was awesome!
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