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It bothers a lot of fans but I love the emphasis on Bajoran politics and religion in the first few seasons. It's horrifically dumbed down in Season 7 in to being a confict between 2d good and evil but I find it really interesting in the beginning of the show. Shame it got phased out in favour of Klingon and Dominion conflicts really.
I so tend to agree with you. For me, the Bajoran angle really helped define DS9 as being something wonderfully different. In TOS and TNG everything was hit & run. Deep Space Nine, however, was a feet firmly planted, come hell or high-water affair. Neither approach is inherantly better than the other, but is a groundbreaking and wonderful thing that Star Trek gave us both to enjoy.

No insult intended, but I think many fans cling to "Star Trek" as a security blanket whereby any deviation from the TOS established formula unsettles them. DS9 deviated from and challenged the status quo of Trek. I personally like it when writers poke at things with their #2 lead sticks. Others don't. IDIC.
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