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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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I'm not going to answer any of the latest stuff, except to say that this is not an objective review thread. In the end, its my opinion about the stuff I'm watching. If I think something sucks and was done badly, thats my opinion, and you're not going to change my mind. I'm done with wasting pages on this.
Personally, I'm not interested in changing your opinion. I'm trying to understand your opinion better. Which means asking questions and even challenging you on your ideas. Which I can do here, because it's not your blog, it's a discussion board.
I'm fine with that, its just when it takes up pages and pages and I've pretty much said everything I can when it gets to me. Discussion is fine, but it gets to the point where everything has been said about a certain topic, like the media, but it still goes on probably longer than it needs to. That post of mine was pretty much just about the media discussion. I've said what I can say, we're just beating a dead horse at this point, lets move along (to the next thing I post that causes a big discussion ). I didn't mean for it to be taken as no one should as questions or discuss things. Anyway, now to the episode I watched.

No Surrender, No Retreat - I like Sheridan's proactive attitude. Its a good thing they decided to start going on the offensive now, Proxima wasn't going to last much longer. Its no surprise that the earth ships who massacured civilians without hesitation are commanded by new people lkoyal to Clark. Londo and G'Kar's scenes this episode were great, with Londo talking about whats happened to them and the fact that supporting Sheridan/B5 is one thing they have in common now. As a huge Scrubs fan I was shocked to see Bob Kelso in command of an Earth military ship The fight was done well. I'm glad that some of the ships backed down during the fight. Its cool that two ships saw the light and signed up with Sheridan, and another decided to stay and protect Proxima. My faith in the non B5 humans in the B5 universe is slightly restored I wonder if the ground forces that were mentioned when the resistance was talking to Marcus also stopped after the attack was over, or if they decided to keep going even without the blockade (maybe going underground themselves, like the anti-seridan guys on B5). Overall, this was a great episode. It was nice to see Sheridan confronting EarthGov in a more proactive way.
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