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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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Don't tell anyone that alice eve's screaming was bad. You feelings might get hurt.

I was one of the first people that noticed it in the first trailer and I got attacked on this site unfairly by many of the trek fans who (in my opinion) couldn't handle the truth.
You weren't attacked; your opinion was. There's a difference.

You started a whole thread claiming that Alice Eve was an "atrocious" actress, based upon a half-second glimpse of her screaming in the first teaser trailer (and on the equally-unsupported claim that one person in a TrekMovie comment thread agreed with you.) You received a spamming warning at that time because you'd been asked on a number of occasions previously to refrain from posting such frivolous and insubstantial threads every time a half-formed idea entered your head. If you had wished to appeal the warning, you ought to have done so at that time.

Oh, and...
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Warning for spamming. Comments to PM. know as well that such an appeal ought to have been made via PM. Airing it as a grievance now—this far after the fact, and injected into a completely unrelated discussion—is known as grandstanding; I believe you've been cautioned more than once before against doing that, too. That "lapse" earns you a warning; comments to PM. Really.
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