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Re: Inner Light and other alternate reality episodes

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People keep saying this but I think it's horseshit. Picard was obviously capable of doing anything he wanted in life. If he had really wanted a family, he would have had one.
In life we have to weigh our priorities and desires. We can still choose one path and at times have some regrests and questions about a path not taken. TNG explored that scenario with Picard a few times.

He was forced to live out decades in a preprogrammed environment. If that's not considered mind rape I don't know what is.
I am not saying you don't have a point. I think the intent of the writers was to give Picard a positive experience. It just shows how themes like in the pilot episode "The Cage" can be seen from different perspectives.

The writers could have just as easily written the episode from the perspective that Picard felt violated and mind raped. But since that was not the intent of the writers then I really do not see it as an issue.
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