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Dorian Thompson
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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

I know. Creeps me out, too. This hairless obsessed kid doesn't even think Maggie is pretty because her arm hair is "kinda dark" or so he says. The whole conversation got started because someone offhandedly compared Lauren Cohan's physical attractiveness to Kate Winslet (saying she'd look good in one of those Victorian dresses that pushed up Winslet's cleavage so amply in Titanic) and the kid started going off on how fat Winslet was in Titanic, that her teeth weren't nice (no veneers and one slightly crooked) and that you could see a hint of pubes during the drawing scene in the DVD version. Now you know Cal Hockeley had money and there were more than enough waxing salons in Southhampton in 1912. What was that cow thinking? Nasty. He started going on that Lauren Cohan is equally as nasty looking as Winslet. I suspect he watches a great deal of porn.

Hell, I'm straight and even I think Cohan is hot. The kid was grossed out by the spontaneous sex between Glenn and Maggie episode before last. She didn't even have time to "prepare herself," ie take a shower, get a waxing, several breath mints....a professional teeth cleaning. Must be some Zombie dentists somewhere. I'm thinking you'd have to settle for getting toothbrushes and toothpaste out of pharmacies, kid.

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