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Currently replaying ME1 (Paragon vanguard who'll kill Ashley and romance Miranda) and I finally bit the bullet and bought the Pinnacle Station DLC, since it's currently 50% off on Origin. Yeah, it truly is the worst Mass Effect DLC, I'd even go so far as to say worse than the weapon/armor DLC's since those at least add something new to the game, whereas all the gear you can get in Pinnacle already exists in the base game ("Thank you, turian whose high score I beat 8 times, for this gun I find in every other loot container!") I'm amazed they charge money for this piece of crap, whereas Bring Down the Sky, which has an actual story and minor ME2/ME3 repercussions, is free. It is a little interesting though how both aspects of the DLC, the combat simulator and the apartment, would reappear in the Citadel DLC.

Oh well, I'm only out $2.50, and I can at least now claim I own the "complete" versions of all three games, with the exception of a few minor promotional items.
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