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Re: Best and worst super team headquarters

I think the Justice League ground/satellite combo in its various incarnations (pre-New 52 comics, Young Justice, JLU) probably works best. If I had to nail down one favorite out of those it'd be the JLU Metrotower/Watchtower combo, probably due to the versatility and speed of deployment offered by the Trek style transporters (as opposed to the YJ Zeta tubes, needing a station on each end).

Outside of the practical question, I have a nostalgic fondness for the original JLA Satellite and the classic upside-down rocket ship Super-Hero Clubhouse of the Legion. The Moon-based Watchtower of Grant Morrison's JLA was pretty cool as well. And I think the futuristic Legion HQ of the classic Levitz/Giffen years--with its antigravity architecture, storage tesseracts, and tamed Computo to run the show was pretty awesome, too.

Long Live The Legion!
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