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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

I am selfish with the entertainment I like. I am entirely aware that the vast majority of the public, including pretty much all my friends and family, would prefer Star Trek 09 or STID to any ENT episode I showed them. I understand completely from a business point of view why Paramount would be idiots to pull the plug on JJ-Trek and make the kinda Star Trek movie I'd like to see.

It doesn't stop me wishing though. I have so many hopes and dreams of what the franchise can achieve and it shows zero hope of ever being realised. Maybe one day I'll achieve my life's dream of getting to write a Star Trek novel, and base it on my wishlist for the best possible self-contained Star Trek epic. The novels seem to be the only hope for interesting Star Trek, with the film franchise in a rut and the TV show dead.
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