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Re: The "Newbie's Guide to Stargate: Atlantis"

I'm back to update this thread in the hope that I can stimulate some discussion.

I'm almost finished with Season 1 (I just finished The Gift and have taken a detour over to SG-1 to watch Moebius), and have to say that I love the way things have unfolded thus far. As I said earlier, the show really reminds me of stuff like Bones, Buffy, and ANGEL, especially the latter, and there's really not a single character -either main or recurring - that I don't like.

Some ' standout' eps for me thus far - beyond Rising - have been Hide and Seek, Childhood's End, Poisoning the Well, The Storm, The Eye, Hot Zone, Sanctuary, Before I Sleep, Letters from Pegasus, and The Gift, with LfP and BIS being my top two favorites.

I also feel like I ought to update the Newbie' s Guide I made and which I've been using as a guide as I've watched, because I added Enemy Mine and Heroes, Part 1 to the 'prerequisites' list and Prometheus Unbound and Avalon, Parts 1 and 2 to the tie- in section.
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