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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

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DNA Mad Scientist really shocked me when I first saw it, and told me this show was really something different and things weren't going to be black and white and TNG-Lovey-Dovey.
It makes me think that though they treat the pilot as a one of them they really see him as there to serve them via his service of the ship. Would they have so quickly (there wasn't even a debate!) sawed off his arm if it didn't grow back?

It's interesting because Zhaan is often doing the spiritual alien bit, just so evolved past pettiness and greeds.. and suddenly she's operating out of raw need. And then we see that the evolved persona is one of training and discipline, not something she was born with. I was kind of surprised that we saw D'Argo's sorta apology but nothing from her!

Very adorable picture of Browder there
Between the adorable Claudia's legs..

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