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Re: Deep Space Nine Revisited: A New Perspective

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Yeah I've been on a bit of a DS9 kick recently as well (having not watched any of it in probably 10 years), and it's amazing how much I had completely forgotten about. Like the whole "Odo becoming human" arc, or the Romulans teaming up with the Cardassians that one time, or all the little ins and outs of the Dominion War.

Particularly after watching the rather cheesy and simplistic first two seasons of TNG on blu-ray again, the writing on DS9 now seems more impressive than ever.

And I had forgotten just how good Avery Brooks was as well. Considering what a complete space case he is now, it's amazing to see again just how alert and focused he was on the show. He was commanding, he was charming, and he could be really subtle and interesting when he needed to be as well. And it's always fun just watching him blow up and yell at people too.
I completely agree with you on Brooks, his work in, In the Hands of the Prophets is spot on.
And I agree with both of you. regarding Avery Brooks acting, one thing that struck more this time around than last was where his character was at emotionally when the series began. Unlike the other Trek series, Sisko wasn't looking for a command re-assignment. After the loss of his wife at Wolf-359 he appeared to turn inward by focusing on his son. IOW, his was the most complex of the Trek commanders as well as the most nuanced performance. In my view.
I could not agree with you more. From the beginning, Sisko as a character has a depth that none of the other captains have, he has real pain and real wounds that give him an incredible arc of development from episode one
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