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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I just had an interesting experience.. I thought I knew the game well and could build a good ship. But I couldn't increase the dps on my Engineer's Galor beyond 3.7k dps.

So I had a friend take a look at my ship and he made a few minor suggestions. Replaced EP2Aux1 with EP2Weapon1, changed the universal boff station from science (hazard emitters and transfer shield strength) to tactical (torpedo spread 1 and AP:Beta1), made me take 6 points in Attack Patterns skills. Suddenly my 3.7k dps Galor is now doing 5.5k dps! I'm still somewhat reeling in shock at the huge boost in dps.

He has a few suggestions that he claims can push dps up to 7k, replace B:FAW3 with B:FAW2, replace APelta1 with AP:Omega3, replace my wide-angle quantum with a romulan plasma torpedo. Should I do it?
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