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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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Best Trek series ever .
For me the original is the best. Part of it is the quality of storytelling, part of it's nostalgia.

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DalekJim wrote:

I expect a 2 hour movie to be able to compete with the average TNG or DS9 2-parter or finale. To demand less is to demand mediocrity. If a movie is significantly inferior to the average episode of the show it is based on, it can't really be deemed a success in my eyes.
Yes, no and maybe. I think Star Trek 2009 compared favorably to Trek's average outings. But there are things a movie has to do that a TV series really doesn't when it runs for a long-time. Every movie has to account for people who may not be familiar with the material, they also have to account for the fact that people expect extra "oomph" when they are putting down 40, 50 or 60 dollars (the range me and my wife spend when going to an evening show) for the experience.
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