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Re: teacake does Farscape: Spoiler Free first time viewing

Yay! Always good to have more people share the wonders we've seen.

We'll definitely all try to keep it spoiler free, but people get very excited about this show.

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DNA Mad Scientist: I was very confused. At first I thought that Zhaan and Ka D'Argo were acting like lunatics because of something injected into them when the DNA was being extracted. The usual going mad from alien toxins deal. But it seems that no, they really did of their own free will cut off the Pilot's arm. So now I'm confused because this didn't jell at all with what I remembered of Zhaan or of the treatment of the Pilot prior to this. However it has been a while since I saw the first 8 eps so perhaps this is not as out of character as it seemed?
The writers actually say that this is the first ep that really felt like the Farscape they always wanted to make, with the characters at each other's throats. These are not a crew of trained officers who elected to be together - they are strangers forced together by circumstance, and it doesn't take much to get them to turn on each other, especially when an intelligent villain quickly zeroes in on exactly what buttons to press to get them to do it.

With D'Argo, we're used to him being violent and dangerous. The whole hyper-rage thing, as seen in "Back and Back and Back to the Future." But notice that even he has to take a second to work himself up to the attack on Pilot, and makes a point to apologize as best he knows how afterwards.

Rygel we know to be as selfish as ever, it's no big surprise that he would sell the others out. That's pretty much his MO.

But you're partly right about Zhaan. She is capable of violence - the reason she was in prison in the first place was for murdering her lover, and she put the kid in his place handily enough in the drug-addict episode. But in general she does try to rise above such things. There's a dichotomy in her character - you might call it hypocrisy, or just not always succeeding at keeping up to her own standards.

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Does his arm grow back?
Luckily yes. Pilots are pretty resilient in that way. But that's part of why they felt it was acceptable to do what they did to him - because they knew it would grow back. Not that anyone else thinks that justifies it. But Pilot himself is kind of submissive - he's not happy about it, but he accepts it because he feels it's just his place to help Moya's inhabitants, whatever they may need.

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I loved NamTar the scientist's legs, the were amazing.
Farscape has some astonishing animatronic creations. It's infuriating to those of us who love the show when potential viewers dismiss it just because it features "muppets." But the sheer creativity and technical skill brought to bear on this show is far and above almost any other show you could name. And those animatronic characters are better written and better performed than the actual humans on, say, Enterprise. After a few more episodes you will completely forget that Rygel and Pilot aren't real.

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