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Re: Trek Art FAQ - Rough Draft - Review and Commen

Posted by UnknownSample:
First, I find it disturbing that whenever "art" is brought up on a fan site, "art" is seen as equaling the manipulation of photos on a computer. Not that this isn't a legitimate thing to do... but you'd think there was no such thing as actual drawing or painting. I hope to get some Trek drawings done, you know, with pencil and paper, and i hope to get it on this site eventually.

Not to mention 3-D art being excluded. I'm working on a ceramic interpretation of the Kurlan Naiskos from TNG's "The Chase" and <span class="spoiler"><font class="small">Spoiler:</font><hr /><span>WoDS9 II: Unjoined</span><hr /></span> that I'm planning on posting a photo of when I'm done. I agree that when I think of this forum, it's typically CGI stuff that comes to mind, but there's no reason for that really other than lack of other sorts of posts.
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