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Re: Why do Marvel stories take place exclusively in NYC?

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Manhattan is so iconic though! It has cachet. cache? I can't do the accent thingee.
The word you want (meaning status, prestige, stamp of approval) is cachet, pronounced "cashay." Because of confusion over French pronunciation, Americans tend to mix it up with cache, pronounced "cash," meaning a hiding place. There is no such word as "caché" with an accent.

Who wants to read a comic set in Kansas City?
A lot of folks, provided it's a good story.

Donald Draper wrote: View Post
I know Marvel fans say they like seeing a "real" city of New York. But its really not like our New York at all. There are fictional business and buildings. Superheros and alien invasion. So at a certain point a very different history as well. All it really has in common is the basic geography.
And, so I gather, Daredevil's Hell's Kitchen is still a hotbed of crime even though the real neighborhood has been thoroughly gentrified.

Still, it's fun to tie the fiction into the real world, to walk down a Manhattan street and imagine you're immersed in this universe where Spider-Man could swing by overhead or you could see the Fantasticar take off from the roof of the Baxter Building. Okay, if you really lived there, the constant supervillain and alien attacks would put a damper on your enthusiasm, but it's fun to fantasize about. I know that when I wrote my Spidey novel, it was fun to map the action onto the real city, to walk around the streets where it happened or look down on them from the Empire State Building and figure out exactly how Spidey would get from one place to another.

Verisimilitude is not about being like reality. It's about creating a feeling that evokes reality, that has enough reality in it that it feels convincing and allows the reader to suspend disbelief.
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