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Re: How much time passes between TMP and TWoK?

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Not so long ago, I tried watching through all the Highlander movies. Each sequel seemed to take the first film, ignore some elements of it (like, you know, the ending) and continue from there. None of the sequels were at all consitant with each other. It's probably the worst continuity in movie history.

Then there's X-Men: First Class and Wolverine: Origins, both prequels to the X-Men trilogy yet making several changes along the way (in fact, I recall reading an interview where the makers of XM: FC cited JJ Abrams' Star Trek as their example of putting making a good film ahead of slavishly adhering to continuity)
Highlander 2 is probably in the top three WORST movies I've ever seen.

I didn't mind them moving some of the characters in XM:FC (like Shaw, Frost, or Havok) to the sixties but the re-imagining of Moira as an American CIA agent was a pointless, jarring oddity. Gabrielle Haller would probably have made more sense. Although I think she was Israeli, making her an American citizen with Jewish roots links her to Magnus the classic love triangle, and opens up the opportunity to bring in Legion down the line. It looked to me that Moira v2 was actually Carol Danvers but as an Avenger, they didn't have the rights to use her. It was just odd to take a scottish scientist and turn her into an american spy. Slavishly following canon or not, it was a mis-step.
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