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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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Irritating Alice Eve aside, this is actually a pretty great trailer. Lightyears ahead of all the previous trailers in fact, which made the film look like the blandest shit ever (Pike's speech was snore worthy and Alice Eve's scream was unbelievably bad!). I'm not hugely keen on Star Trek being a big loud summer blockbuster but it looks like it'll be a good one like The Avengers instead of the more Transformers-esque film I was dreading.

Looks like there's an actual plot this time round which is nice and Harrison is already several classes above Nero.
Don't tell anyone that alice eve's screaming was bad. You feelings might get hurt.

I was one of the first people that noticed it in the first trailer and I got attacked on this site unfairly by many of the trek fans who (in my opinion) couldn't handle the truth.
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