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Re: New trekID international trailer wed

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How about to those genuinely interested in hearing what style of action is inappropriate for a Star Trek film. This tendency to avoid actual defense of your positions and opinions by characterizing those asking as "rigidly blinkered by their unanimous adulation of all things Abrams' Star Trek" is tedious and give the impression you can't.
You're right, I can't. Sorry.
Sure you can. You seem to be intelligent and articulate.
No style of action is 'inappropriate' for a Star Trek film. All I have are my preferences which are at odds with what we have been presented with and with the desires of the mass majority. I'm not going to change anyone's mine and no-one really cares anyway.

My Name Is Legion wrote:
It's easy enough to believe that he can't defend the assertion.
Oh, do piss off.
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