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Re: Barnes & Noble Reducing Orders of New Trek Books?

Csalem wrote: View Post
When I first visited FP in London in 2009 they did have a lot more Trek books than now. And a lot of the early Titan books were there back then too.
Well, here's the dilemma. If people expect a shop to keep as-new, out-of-print books in plentiful supply, they have to realise that eventually, the stock has to dwindle.

So a shop having lots of old titles gathering dust is not really a healthy sign, unless its a second hand shop; certainly, old Bantam titles used to rotate in and out quickly so Book Exchanges used to love them!

A shop that has ordered in shelf copies of every ST book in print: that's a bit healthier! But generally a shop will only do this for an "event". We had a Dymocks in Sydney majorly revamp their science fiction & media section in the early 90s and they went all-out getting in everything they could that was available. I think it coincided with "Star Trek: First Contact" in the cinemas. Made a very impressive ST display, but lots of books got discounted out a few years later.

I was pleased to see that the FP London store had numerous copies of all the new stuff. Not seeing many copies of "The Unauthorized History" Greenberger book outside of Australia. I was in the USA and wanted to show it to some penpals, but we never saw shelf copies. Have seen one in London.

Ah well, as of yesterday, I'm in Paris! Will keep you posted.

Oh, and a new acquisition, of particular interest to Mark Martinez:
I found a recent issue of "Bleeding Cool" magazine (#3, March 2013, Avatar Press, pp 58-61), a title I've not seen before, with a cover and Rick Verbanas article dedicated to the IDW comics! Kirk on the cover, from "Countdown to Darkness" #1.
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