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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

Having come to the end of this long *cough* trek I want to thank everyone who has posted all their interesting factlets and opinions and commentary in this thread. I have absolutely loved having a place to come and talk about Stargate as I watched it. Everyone was so wonderfully spoiler free

I had my Stargate conversion experience watching The Fifth Race and I'm still converted. I liked season 10 better than season 9 in many ways, maybe the dreariness of the Ori needed some comic relief. I absolutely LOVE the Goa'uld, who would know such cheesy villains would have so many charms. The drama! The posturing! The curled lips! (Oh Zipacna my darling..) The beeyootiful and terrifying women. And more humor in single episodes than whole seasons of Star Trek.

A special shout out to gturner and The Wormhole who were the most regular commentators over these last 5 and a half months, thank you both for being here.





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