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By Starfleet? Only in recreational purposes, as seen in TAS "The Practical Joker" - and their quality may have been somewhat cartoonish...

By Starfleet's enemies? Sure - our heroes regularly encountered visual illusions best characterized as holograms. But mundane foes such as Klingons or Romulans were not witnessed using those, or being any more hardened against visual illusions than our heroes.

By the UFP civilian population? Most probably. Entertainment technology would have moved forward from where it is today. Starfleet just wouldn't necessarily take its newest achievements to deep space, and the cameras in any case wouldn't necessarily focus on those moments when our heroes utilized such achievements. "The Practical Joker" is a fairly plausible glimpse into the rare off time of our heroes, and the seldom seen but often talked about Recreation Rooms of TOS.

Timo Saloniemi
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