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Re: I'm getting a motorcycle.

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That's funny that you mention that a 750 seems like a lot of bike for me starting out. One of my WWR buddies just told me he thinks I should go bigger. I think the Shadow is plenty big and I can't exactly go smaller, being 6'3" anyway.
Yeah, I tend to be cautious, probably because of the conditions I am forced to endure. I ride at least 30 miles a day, on 60mph winding single lane Cornish roads and have to ride in all conditions as I don't own a car. If I had started out on a 1000cc bike, I can see myself having gotten into some problems. They are not easy to handle when you're keeping up with rush hour traffic in driving rain and wind, in the dark, with other people's oncoming headlights blinding you. Some nights literally the only thing I can see is the tail lights of the car in front of me, and following those is the only way I know i'm still on the road.

I imagine the experience is somewhat different in California though, so it could well be I am overcautious for your situation.

Beautiful bike by the way. Have fun cleaning it
So it goes.
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