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Re: I'm getting a motorcycle.

Pingfah wrote: View Post
Excellent! You are in for a real treat. Biking is exciting on a personal level, educational in the sense that bikes do require a fair bit of maintenance, something which you'll learn as you go along, and also a great social activity. I have made friends I hang with regularly just wandering around the supermarket. Bikers have a tendency to just walk up to each other and start talking bikes. You'll get used to that.

The RS is a 750 right? That's a pretty substantial piece of machinery for your first bike. I won't lecture you beyond saying, go easy to start with. I'm sure they'll teach you well on your course, but that's a powerful machine that can easily get away from you if you are not careful. It takes a while to grow in confidence, and you can't be taught experience!

Good luck. I look forward to seeing some pics as well
That's funny that you mention that a 750 seems like a lot of bike for me starting out. One of my WWR buddies just told me he thinks I should go bigger. I think the Shadow is plenty big and I can't exactly go smaller, being 6'3" anyway.

Sigokat wrote: View Post
I used to ride, but gave it up. Sold my last bike when I was at Ft. Polk, LA.

I had decided that I didn't want to have deployed 4 times to 2 different war zones, just to return home and be killed on my bike because of impatient and unattentive ar drivers. I also lived down a dangerous rode where loggind trucks and cars sped their asses off (a logging truck had killed a family in a car about 2 months before I got to Ft. Polk on that road) as if they were on a straight and flat highway!

It wasn't worth it to me anymore. But I did enjoy riding when I did ride. Have fun with it, but please don't become like alot of riders and you become the danger in the road. You know what I mean, weaving in and out of traffic, passing illegally, speeding and doing wheelies because you think its cool (saw a guy do that and dumbed his bike with his girlfriend on the was an ugly scene!) But it sounds like you're getting a cruiser not a crotch rocket (I assume this because of the group you ride with. Most of those groups are mainly cruiser guys that I've seen).

So have fun and be safe!
Yeah, definitely going with a cruiser. I like the laid back riding position, those sports bikes look so uncomfortable having to be all perched on top of the thing. I definitely plan on keeping it legal and safe. Lane splitting is legal here in California but I doubt I'll do much of that until I am incredible comfortable riding.

I just found out that I can actually just go get a permit following a written test and ride before getting the license. My class isn't that far away but I think I might just have to go get the permit and accelerate the process of getting behind the handlebars of my own bike. Here's a pic of an example of my current dream bike...same color as my Honda Accord, too. I plan on getting some sort of Honda bike so I want to get a license plate frame that reads something like "My other Honda is a 750cc" or "...has two wheels" or something along those lines.

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