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Re: teacake does Stargate: punch it

And here we are, 5 1/2 months after I started this thread, at the end. The final bit of Stargate.

Continuum: This was a nice 'the gangs all here' reunion. I got to see my favorite Goa'uld Nirrti again, and she even got a few lines. Apophis returns! And it was thrilling to see Vala as Katesh.

Needs more Nirrti:

I have to ask though, just what is it with evil overlords giving their underlings Australia? Really, there is not much here, the mining is probably a helluva lot better on some Pegasus galaxy planets.

BA'AL: Camulus has kindly offered one half of his domain, Australia, to the free Jaffa nation.

Maybe he wanted it for the same reason Lex Luthor did..

LEX: Oh, General, the world is a big place. Thank goodness, my needs are small...As it turns out, I have this affinity for beachfront property . . .

ZOD: What do you want?

LEX: Australia.

Baal's death was very dramatic. The sword, the slice upwards..

How come Baal once the symbiote was extracted didn't shrivel up from his hosts advanced age?

This movie was a bit choppy at times, felt like it could have made a nice mini series. More Goa'uld, more SG;1 trapped in another timeline. And while I know this happens all the time in sci fi shows I was bemused at how BOOM they are back in the extraction chamber none the wiser about what just happened. I started thinking, what if this has already happened to ME? What if I've already had to fix my own time line and I don't even remember it?

And I do have big grumble with Continuum. Vala/Katesh's dress:

It's BEIGE, beige and fat and ugly and looks like a bunch of flour sacks draped around her stomach. It looks like crap. It looks more like something one of the Renaissance villagers would wear than what the consort of Ba'al would wear. Now she does say to Ba'al, "You haven't allowed me to leave your side in fifty years!" so maybe that includes no shopping. But still MISSED OPPORTUNITY!! Vala can look sooo dramatically hot and we've mostly seen her in SG:1 gear of late. Surely they could have decked her in crimson or purples and golds with stuff plunging appropriately. I had the sads over this.

And finally, to Carter!! Looking better ten years after Stargate began than ever!

Very Indiana Jones..


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