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Re: Braga: "Archer was supposed to be Future Guy"

As with what they did with Admiral Janeway changing the past to make her personal universe better... Notice how the infinitely superior story is TNG Tapestry (Written by Ronald D Moore.)where Picard realises that he is who he is because he used to be an asshole and that to remove the ass from his character just leaves a hole...

I was working towards a fucking point. What the fuck was it?

Oh, that's right.

Here's the bitchy thing.

Young Archer confronts Old Archer and Young Archer outwits and out reasons old Archer into changing his mind and realizing that his choices were buthurt and wrong (Like how Janeway convinced Ransom he was wrong, or Captain Janeway convinced Admiral Janeway that he was wrong) and that he has to now reign in his master-plan after it's been revealed as balls by a complete and utter fucking child.

Or Young Archer kills old Archer like Picard did in Time Squared or how Picard ate the other other Picard trapped in that rock fall while waiting to be rescued in Generations... I mean, how is it possible that Future Guy can TEACH Young Archer to follow in his traditions and examples as destinies bitch if he has no consistency to follow through just because his plan is bunk a kid can poke holes through?

I asked Teacake the same question a month ago... "Is you from 20 years ago smart enough to give you from now advice on anything? Admit it, you from 20 years ago was a moron compared to you from now. Everyone from 20 years ago is a moron compared to themselves now."

This is almost happening in X-Men Comics.

Beast time travelled and he's brought the classic Original team form the 1960s into the present to stop (which was Marty McFly's fear) their older selves from being complete assholes who are propagating a new Mutant genocide.

Favourite lines so far... (Young Cyclops in a convenience store) "Why are you selling bottled water? Is there something wrong with the water? TELL ME! IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG WITH THE WATER!?"

And... (the full team on Broadway in New York gawking at the signage) "So everything is an advertisement now?"


The Daleks accounted their constant losses to a lack of purity a few years back, and got some ancient DNA back from when they were awesome and replaced their entire species with a new civilization of conquerors based on a earlier genetic template and psyche profile that actually knew how to exterminate vermin and then strip mine a planet without tripping over their own plungers.


Barney Stinsen "NEW is always BETTER!"


How far down the line is Old Archer supposed to be?

And as soon as Daniels sees the connection will he take a phase pistol to Young Acher's face and unload a charge?
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