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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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Come on, you wouldn't watch TWD if the girls didn't look pretty? Well, you could pick up a lady's shaver when you make a run to the pharmacy. Not a priority, but it's not impossible. However, the guys would have to learn to adjust to women like they were through most of history. I had to laugh at a thread I saw on a board (and the young man was quite serious) about how the human race would go extinct because the guys would never go near the girls because they wouldn't be able to get bikini waxes during the apocalypse. He actually thought that would be a priority. I pointed out that until the 2000s, most guys had sex with girls with pubic hair and (shockingly) some probably still do in spite of what all the magazines say. He didn't believe me. He'd grown up with the completely hairless, airbrushed, veneers on teeth image of women. He thinks if teeth aren't blindingly white, they may as well be black and cavity filled. I'm thinking his DNA would disappear quickly if the human race came to an end.
Dorian Thompson wrote: View Post
Mr. no pubes veneer and airbrushing thinks Daryl and Carol are "gross" because she's not young. When I pointed out that both actors are in their 40s he said, "the girl needs to be young, always." That's the mindset I'm dealing with there.
God,I find it terrifying that there are actually people who really think like that. Hell, most of the women I've seen in nude scenes on TV and in movies aren't even completely hairless. I couldn't imagine being that image obsessed.
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