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Re: Villains, Always With The Villains

Yeah, I've pretty much had it with every ST movie needing a evil villain badguy bent on revenge and ensuing space battle climax.

If these were Bond films, then okay yeah, you gotta have a villain badguy in every film, that's what Bond films are.

But Star Trek can be SO much more. Look at all the great eps that DIDN'T have an evil villain badguy crazed with vengence and DIDN'T have a kewl space battle.

More and more, I find myself watching TMP and TVH just to see a Trek film that's NOT Evil Bad Guys and Space Battles.

Everyone knows ST can be more than that, and hell that's not even a large part of ST to begin with.

I'm so damn tired of it, if the only ST they can make for the big screen is Evil Villains and Space Battles again and again and again, I'd rather they not make the movies anymore.
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