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Re: Villains, Always With The Villains

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Kruge killed Kirk's son ...
Someone had to, if only to stop the whining.

Heath Ledger's memorably performance as the Joker
Please, Cesar Romero was a better Joker than Ledger.

In "City On The Edge Of Forever," the villain was time.
The villain really was McCoy in that episode, his actions would have resulted in Humanity being enslaved by the Nazis'. He needed to be stopped.

The villains of "The Trouble With Tribbles" were less mustache-twirling guys than comic relief.
The villain was the Klingon agent who poisoned the grain. If he had been successful the Federation's enemies would have acquired the disputed planet.

The villain of "Balance Of Terror" was not evil at all.
Debatable, the Romulan commander violate a century old treaty and murdered people in foreign space. His hands were less than clean. "Orders are orders" isn't much of a defense.

"The Inner Light" had no villain ...
The villain there was the alien VCR that Picard was forced to watch for most of the episode.

The Motion Picture and The Voyage Home were without villains ...
Vger and the probe, both were going to kill everyone on Earth. Their actions made them both villains.

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