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Re: What ethnicity are you?

^Please don't take this as a personal attack, because you know I love ya, but the thing is, while it probably should be irrelevant, for anyone who's not white, it's not (I'm being Western-Centric right now, obviously). I hate to toss up words like privilege, but the experience of being White in America (and Canada and Western Europe, as far as I know) is markedly different from being Not White. Racial demographics are actually important in understanding things like social, educational, and financial inequity, violence, disease rates, morbidity, drug use, etc.

I admire the philosophy behind opting for "human" or "irrelevant" or whatever, but philosophy and reality aren't the same thing, and I think that entering incomplete data is just doing a disservice to those who don't have the luxury of considering their ethnicity irrelevant.

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