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Re: What is "canon?"

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So...if there is something stated on one episode that contradicts something in another episode, both are canon even if they are not consistent?
New canon overwrites old.
Nicely and succinctly put.
And the best way to be. If you try to slavishly follow canon to the letter, where ALL onscreen is canon and correct, you'd have a nervous breakdown.

Is Kirk's middle initial R or T? Why did Starfleet forget the Romulans had a cloaking device 2 years after they saw it? Was it's Spock's ancestor or mother who was human? Is Spock Vulcan or Vulcanian? Were the Klingons conquered by the Federation, or just became allies?

Just accept that sometimes there are goofs, and spend time coming up with ways to explain inconsistances, but don't let yourself get too hung up on the details. The makers of the shows created TV to entertain, not to be pulled apart and studied, as we may study microbes that swarm and - oh wait, sorry, that's War of the Worlds...
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