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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I also feel that the writers of TMP messed up in the whole "demoting Decker to Commander" thing. When Admiral Kirk takes command of the Enterprise, he's still an Admiral, he's just Captaining the ship.

But I know I'm in the minority of folks who get peeved at this kind of thing.
Totally agree. Decker was the better man. He stayed professional, unlike prissy Admiral Kirk.

And I would be even more in the minority by saying TMP is probably my favorite Trek movie. It's actually more of a tossup between TMP and GEN, but TMP is the only Original Series movie I can stomach. It's a nice, slow, cerebral story that really stays true to what Trek is all about; exploration, ideas, etc. Then in TWOK it just turned into stupid action schlock and that stuck for the rest of the TOS movies. Similarly with the TNG movies, I thought GEN got the feel of the show right better than the next three TNG films. Then in FC they turned the franchise into stupid action schlock just like TOS did (although INS wasn't too bad of an offender IMO).
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