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Re: Glee - Season Four

How many kids from your year got knocked up before graduation?

Pregnant girls do get moved to a special ghetto school away from the good boys and girls as well as the cads who knocked them up... Fairs fair, the inseminaters should get moved to their own private work farm too before they ruin any more virtuous young girls... Not that some girls can't be dominant or predatory, because this world is totally equal opportunity supposedly.

So I'm watching the Band during the Spice Girls number and two things struck... The girl on key board with pink hair needs her own spin off show STAT, and when the camera pulls a close up on the drummer boy I am certain he's rolling his eyes.

Did the producer not notice, or did the wise producer leave this dissent in the final cut as some forshadowing to a geek civil war between Glee Club and the Band Class?

Seriously, her face was a blur, I have no idea what she looks like, just on the pink hair alone, HER OWN SHOW NOW!

Can you imagine something like the bat signal?

The Bandgeeks are minding there own business and then some one fires off the Glee signal, and they all rush from the four corners of the school to heed tot he every whim of the Glee Club.
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