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I enjoyed the supporting cast on "Ally McBeal," especially Cage and Fish but never could understand why that skinny brat was supposed to be the main character/siren for every single (and some married) men in Boston... especially in an office that employed Courtney Thorne Smith, Lucy Liu, Portia DelRossi and Jane Krakowski as co-workers.

She grew more tolerable once she stopped pining after Billy so much and accepted that she was simply nuts (what with the dancing baby and all).
And I actually started to like her in season four when she dated Iron Man.

Not a big fan of Renee either.

But the show really was lucky to have such a great support cast and might have been even better if it was called Cage & Fish and didn't rely on Ally so much.
That show was Boston Legal. Both The Practice and BL are shows I love, but Ally just kills that show for me. It would have been great without her.
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