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Re: ENTERPRISE on Blu-Ray OFFICIAL Discussion Thread

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I'm gonna go out a limb and predict we're looking at a Firefly type set in terms of PQ. If any of you have that, I'm sure you'll understand - e.g., better than the DVD's, but overall, inconsistent and disappointing from an HD perspective.
That's a pretty good example of what it looks like and Firefly was produced at around the same time as S1/S2 of ENT. I just posted this as a reply to someone in the TrekCore comments, but to give you an example... in "Strange New World" during the campfire scene, if you'll remember there are digital fireflies in nearly every shot (sans a few closeups) and so almost the entire scene is in 480p quality, with sharpening added during the 1080p uprezzing that was done in 2001-2002, resulting in pretty awful-looking ringing artifacts (aka edge enhancement) on the live-action footage.
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