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Exactly. I know it's old-school promotions, however, as Relayer1 pointed out, the eBook angle would, I think, reduce the cost considerably.
Actually it wouldn't reduce the cost by any significant amount at all. It's a common misconception that ebooks are cheaper to publish than physical books. The fact is that when you're printing books by the thousands or tens of thousands, the cost of printing and shipping each individual unit is mere pennies due to economies of scale. Most of the cost of publishing a book goes into things that are the same regardless of whether the book ends up in print or electronic form: the author's advance and the payment for the person-hours put in by the editor, copyeditors, proofreaders, cover designer, cover artist, typesetters, marketing and publicity people, accountants, and everyone else involved in the process.

And when you're talking about SNW, there were the added costs of running a contest -- prize money, legal fees, the labor of processing and reading and judging all the entries, etc. It was those extra costs that caused Pocket to lose so much on SNW and forced them to abandon the series while continuing to publish other anthologies. There's no reason why those costs would be affected in the least by publishing the results electronically rather than on paper.

Which is appopriate, I guess, since that's the same kind of thinking that kept TOS on the air for three seasons -- the network lost money on the show, but its parent company RCA cleaned up from all the color TV sets people were buying to watch Star Trek on.
Well, that's kind of overstating it a bit (a lot actually).
No, it's stating just what Herb Solow and Bob Justman said in Inside Star Trek. A 1966 survey showed that ST was the main reason that color-TV buyers that year cited for their purchases. Since RCA owned the patent on color TV, they made enough profit from those sales that NBC was able to justify keeping ST on the air despite losing money on it.
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