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Re: First time watching DS9.

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I just started season 2, and Im not as into it as I was the other series. Im hoping like Next Generation, it gets better in later seasons(looking forward to seeing Worf again!)
Most fans agree that the show improves as it goes on, and that season 1 is the weakest season. Things really start to pick up in late season 2, although there's still a couple of good episodes early in the season.

Seems theres too much Jake.
You certainly wont be saying that once you're finished the show. Jake's role steadily decreases each season. I don't think he's a bad character, some of the best episodes of the show actually focus on him, he just doesn't have much to do as the series develops.

I really dont care for Dr Bashir.
You're actually supposed to kinda dislike Dr Bashir early on. He's overeager and obnoxious, which is why the other characters barely tolerate him (especially O'Brien), but he matures over time. It's actually quite satisfying when rewatching to see how much the character grew over the course of the show.

Dax seems a little too aloof.
It actually took a long time for the writers to figure out Jadzia's character. Early on she was supposed to be older and wiser than everyone (or aloof, as you put it) but that didn't really work out and they go in a different direction with her later in season 2.

I do kind of like Odo and the Ferengi, but not so much together. A lot of the back and forth between Odo and Quark seems a little over the top.
It's a pity you don't like that stuff, the Odo/Quark banter is usually well received, I actually think their relationship is one of the redeeming qualities of season 1.
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