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Re: How much did Voyager know of the Dominion as of "Caretaker"?

Then why were they training Kes to kill Dominion fighters?

Remember that episode where Worf goes on holiday and all his hats are passed around to the rest of the command staff and Bashir moaning about all the secrets he's not allowed to talk about because he's the intelligence officer?

O'BRIEN: How's the Intelligence business?
BASHIR: Oh, I can't talk about it. All I can do is read these fascinating reports and analyses, and analyses of analyses, and then keep it all to myself. Because no one else has a need to know. So I have to walk around this station feeling like I, er. You don't really care, do you?
I assume, on Voyager, that that position is Tuvoks.

It's Tuvoks job to tell the Captain what she needs to know, and to save her the bother of retaining what she doesn't need to know.

If you say too many words to Janeway she can't understand or agree with, she snaps. Sometimes it's a hissy fit, and sometimes she locks herself in her room for three months to rock back and forth, back and forth.

Tuvok has seen it before and he'll see it again

Vulcan bigotry however doesn't see Kathryn as unstable, it just views Janeway as typically and ordinarily unstable by the low standards they account all Human beings within.
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