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Re: Big Bang Theory used as a subliminal ad?

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dude, you need to look at different LEGO sites.

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I have two of the Lego Architecture models (Farnsworth and Robie House) and they are anything but kids toys. These are highly detailed models that took hours to build, in the latter case about two days.
Oh I knew someone would get their panties all in a bunch, relax, I was kidding. And you are correct, it does say ages 16+ on the box, and heaven forfend I should refer to a 16 year old as a kid.

But seriously, I'm not trying to belittle your chosen hobby, whether it's CG models, or scratchbuilt, or snap tight, lincoln logs, paint by numbers, or even legos, more power to you. You are the music makers and you are the dreamers of dreams. But the point I was making is simply this, they are primarily made for children, and they cost too damn much.
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