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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Maybe we'll still see their Earth 2 versions or something like that, even though it won't be the same.

Action Comics #18: The Grand Finale of Grant Morrison's fantastical Superman opus...was just that...fantastical and grand. Now for those who are confused as to what happened in this entire run...the simplest that I can put that Morrison was establishing Superman as a new American mythology, he states this on the first page of the issue. In his own unique way, Morrison is paying the ultimate homage to Superman's entire history and showing us just how incredible a character he is...and what he truly means to the world. He never gives up, he fights the never ending battle against incredible odds, and he will always win.

As to the actual plot, pretty much unfolded as I thought it would. The Legion arrives to wake up Mxy as Morrison establishes the 5th Dimension species...they're on a higher plane of existence than we lower level conscience species are. Lord V managed to somehow trap Mxy in a coma, so that he could not interfere or aide Superman at all while Lord V did his best to try and destroy causing and manipulating various important events through Clark's life, starting right back to the start, with the destruction of Krypton and ending with "Doomsday".

Now...this is going to probably take several reads (Trekker's continued point of that shouldn't be necessary aside) I believe that this issue basically resetted everything to unfold as it should have naturally? Lord V's influence on Clark's life was halted or restored? Mxy when he passed on our plane, ascended to the 5th Dimension where he assumed his rightful place as King and was reunited with his wife? I'm also assuming that Lord V was a family member of somekind...but actually didn't understand that part.

Rags art was awesome in this issue...and the Legion back up story as short it was, almost served as a tiny epilogue for this story. Please someone get Paul Levitz off Legion of Superheroes and put Sholly Fisch or Grant Morrison on that book. The Legion deserves them. LONG LIVE THE LEGION!
I dunno, I guess to each their own. I found the entire thing just confusing and nonsensical. Maybe I'll give it another read now that it's all over but it just seemed like a confusing mess of parts. I'm not sure what the threat was, what was supposed to be happening or why the ending that happened happened. (Everyone in the world said their name backwards... Huh?!?! How would one even even begin to KNOW how to say their name backwards.)

If it's supposed to be some grand, mythological type of story telling I guess that's not quite what I'm looking for and why I've mostly been enjoying "Superman" much, much more as it's been fairly straight forward. The H'El on Earth story line could be followed even though it spanned other books, I knew who the threat was, what he was planning to do, why he wanted to do it and what was being done to stop him. Superman's motivations for visiting Lex, all of that.

This last Morrison story line has just been a jumble of WTFs and it's all been contained in the same book! And again, I'm sorry, but one should not have to re-read something in order to "understand all of it." To understand it more, perhaps, to find details you missed and can now find with hindsight, sure. But in a "WTF, did I just read?! Did I miss something?" sort of way? If that needs to be done a story teller has failed somewhere.

And that's how I feel. I literally have NO idea what I just read or what happened at all since this arc began. The first 12 issues or so of Action were decent but with these last few issues I was seriously considering dropping the book because it had just gotten bizarre and over my head. I wasn't having fun reading the books, and I wasn't interested in what was happening or invested in the characters. I was lost.

Again, maybe that'll change if I re-read it.

Anyway, I fully admit to not being a fan of Morrison as he's too abstract and too out-there. He presents you with a still un-solved Rubix Cube that's as jumbled up as it possibly can get and it seems like his fans take it as the greatest thing there is with all of the meaning of each side having 9 different colors on it form the other sides. I'm sitting here scratching my head wondering where he got the other three sides from.
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