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^Playing a stringed instrument is actually rather unlike riding a bike. To be good you have to play every day, and while I did learn young enough that I know I can still play, it's definitely not the sort of thing that just comes back to you after years of not playing. Playing the cello and riding a bike are similar in that both involve placing an awesome piece of human technical and creative achievement between the legs, though.
Stupid lucky cello...
Garrison Keillor on the cello:

The Cello section seems so normal, and 'cellists seem like such nice people. The way they put their arms around their instruments, they look like parents zipping up a child's snowsuit. They seem like us: comfortable, middle-range. And yet there is something too comfortable, maybe too sensual about the cello. The way they hold the instrument between their legs: why can't they hold it across their laps or alongside themselves? I'm only asking.
And of course female cellists would be banned from playing 'Hol Rock'.
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