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Re: "the chase" Reprucussions

One might assume the scientific community already believed in the existence of a progenitor culture or cultures, and in massive seeding, and had done so for centuries. It's a natural assumption, after all, given the evidence.

The idea that the progenitors could have left messages embedded in DNA appears to have come as a surprise, though - so one obvious consequence of the episode would be the launching of an effort to find more such messages, possibly by other ancients. The existence of such messages is more or less inevitable, and there would probably be interesting stories to be told there.

Not in the sense of making for interesting, televisable episodes of Star Trek on their own, of course: "The Chase" already covered that ground. They might be the basis of novels - or an excuse to tell completely different stories much like the Iconian backstory from "Contagion" was an excuse to tell "To the Death", or the time travel element from "Tomorrow is Yesterday" was used to set up "Assignment: Earth".

Timo Saloniemi
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