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Re: First time watching DS9.

Odo and Quark are almost like Spock and McCoy. I think they're hilarious. Rene and Armin are great buddies IRL, so the chemistry they have shows onscreen.

Just wait until the Dominion War arc hits. Epic battles await

The thing with DS9 is the characters kinda had to grow on me. Well, outside of Odo. When I saw his head turn into jello to let that mace thing go through it, I was like O____O. He's also a character I can really identify with--the outsider who doesn't belong and who just has to muddle through with people who don't fully "get" him. (So many times, I wanted to shake him and say "I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL, ODO!!!")

The thing that made DS9 for me was the relationships. As the series goes on you get under their skin a bit and see more of who they are, and they become less like cardboard cutouts and more like people as you get familiar with them. A great fun thing to do is to go back to earlier episodes after seeing something in a specific character's life come to fruition. It's like seeing with new eyes to me, because "Oh, so THAT'S why Worf was so pissy!" or "Oh, now I know why O'Brien did that!"

The character development in this series is incredible in my opinion. Nobody is the same person they were at the beginning by the time the series concludes. Trust me on that
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